For Chicken, Fish & Seafood - Heat & Serve
Finishing Sauces are heated sauces, which add another layer of flavor without masking the dish itself. They can be added at anytime during cooking process or used as a dipping sauce. Our finishing sauces were created for chicken, fish, and seafood - great on vegetables too. Zip-It Finishing Sauces can be used straight out of the jar; for a richer or creamier sauce simply add unsalted butter to taste.

Lemon Zest: As the name implies a robust zing of lemon with a dash of horseradish to make this sauce a true winner.

Roasted Bell Pepper: Slow roasted bell peppers blends with whispers of garlic and onions fashions this zesty creamy delight. Pour over chicken stuff peppers.

Lemon Caper: The smooth lemon flavor with just enough Mediterranean capers creates an epicurean experience.

Coconut Curry: Sweet island coconut is harmoniously united with zesty curry seasoning and cream, brings an Indian cuisine charm to any dish.

Roasted Poblano: Bold smoky Poblano peppers, garlic and a hint of lime to tantalize the taste buds with a touch of the southwest.

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